Undeniably Young is a 10-minute hybrid animated documentary that tells the story of pioneering female athlete Nora Young, and in particular shares the incredible tale of her participation in a 1936 men’s-only six-day cycling race.

In the 1920s - 40s, during the Golden Era of Women’s Sports, Young excelled in hockey, cycling, basketball, softball, and pretty much any athletic endeavour she put her mind to. A national champion three times over, and one of the first women in Canada to ever race a bike competitively, Young competed in top venues all over North America in front of the likes of William Randolph Hearst and Mary Pickford.

But it was at a historic Six-Day Bike Race in 1936 at Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens where Young’s life found its most perfect expression. Against the backdrop of the wildly popular, madcap, and male-dominated world of six-day racing, she was among a small handful of women invited to compete in this historically significant race. Borrowing a men’s racing bike (because professional racing bikes for women just didn’t exist back then), Young seized the opportunity to compete on a banked track for the first time – a phenomenally daring and dangerous thing to do – at an event known for its excitement, athletic endurance, “spills and thrills,” and massive crowds. 

Through the film, Young’s incredible personality, humour, and determination shine through: she’s an audacious live wire and determined individualist who lives life fully and on her own terms. 

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