Young at heart…

In the wilds of southeastern Ontario lives one of the most lively, competitive, and energetic people you’ll ever meet.

Nora Young is 95. As she shows us around the community where she lives, zipping by on her golf cart, playing a mean game of euchre, and proudly showing off her “trophy room” – a bedroom completely festooned with medals and ribbons – she begins to tell us the story of her remarkable life.

Young, a consummate athlete (and a sports pioneer for women and girls today), began competing at 11 and continued right through to her late 80s, excelling not in one sport, but many. Starting in the 1920s, when ordinary women were beginning to play sports for the very first time in history, she was one of the best. A national champion three times over, Young competed in top venues all over North America in front of the likes of William Randolph Hearst and Mary Pickford and once was banned from sports because she’d dared to compete at a race where professionals (then defined only as men) were present.

But what does it mean to be competitive? And what is it like to be an athlete facing one of the biggest challenges of all – age? 

Through intimate interviews, animation, archival imagery, and scenes from Young’s daily life, an inspiring portrait of her legacy emerges. With an irrepressible spirit, Young shares her wisdom on balance, happiness, staying young, and living life well, ultimately answering the question…what makes us who we are?


Undeniably Young is a mid-length documentary launching in 2017.

Supported by the Toronto Arts Council with funding from the City of Toronto and generous private donors - thank you.