Undeniably Young is a humorous, short, mostly animated "ficto-documentary"

THE STORY: In 1936, 19-year-old NORA YOUNG, a force of nature and multi-sport athlete, breaks into the wacky world of men’s Six-Day bike racing, as part of a historic women’s demonstration race held at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto during the Golden Age of Women's Sports.

Borrowing a men’s bike (because professional racing bikes were rare for women back then), she seizes the opportunity to compete on a banked velodrome track for the first time – a phenomenally daring and dangerous thing to do – at an event known for its kookiness, excitement, athletic endurance, “spills and thrills,” and massive crowds. Along the way, we meet some of the other characters at the race… and this is where things get even more colourful and wacky.  

Ultimately young Nora and her indomitable spirit changes history. You'll have to see the film to find out just how!

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Coming in 2019!